Enterprise Members

Enterprise Members

Any association, society, organization, company or firm, interested in the aims and objects of the Centre shall be eligible to be an Institutional Member. The benefits of instuitutional membership are:

  • Members are entitled to 20% reduction on the amount payable for usage of VIA venue halls.
  • Members are further entitled to 20% concession for participation in all conferences, Meetings, Workshops and Seminars.
  • The members shall get a 10% concession on all trainings provided by VIA.
  • The members shall be featured on the website.
  • Once we gather a significant number, we also plan on having an annual directory of members- to be sent to all members and arbitral institutions.

Enterprise Membership 10 years

Enterprise membership is a provided at concessional rates and continues for a period of 10 years from the date of application. An enterprise shall not cease to be a Member by reason only of any change in the constitution of the enterprise occasioned by the admission or retirement or death of a partner/director provided the business of the company/enterprise continues during the 10 year membership period. The company shall pay Rs. 200,000/- and shall be eligible for all membership associated benefits throughout the term of 10 years of the company. Enterprise meembership is a hassle free experience and ensures prolonged association on payment of a nominal amount.

Enterprise Membership Fee Structure

Enterprise Membership INR (Indian Enterprises) USD (Foreign Enterprises)
1 Year 38000 INR 3800 USD
2 Year 64000 INR 6400 USD
3 Year 94000 INR 9400 USD
4 Year 132000 INR 13200 USD
5 Year 162000 INR 16200 USD
10 Year 250000 INR 25000 USD