Individual Members

Individual Members

VIA invites individual membership applications from lay persons, lawyers, practitioners etc. Any individual, having experience of and/or interested in matters relating to alternative dispute resolution shall be eligible to be an individual member. The persons who want to be individual members with VIA can apply here. The benefits of membership are:

  • Members are entitled to 20% reduction on the amount payable for usage of VIA venue halls.
  • Members are further entitled to 20% concession for participation in all conferences, Meetings, Workshops and Seminars.
  • The members shall get a 10% concession on all trainings provided by VIA.
  • The members shall be featured on the website.

Individual Membership 10 Years

Individual Life membership is a provided at concessional rates and continues for 10 years from the date of application. The individual shall pay Rs. 100,000/- and he/she shall be eligible for all membership associated benefits throughout the term of 10 years. This membership is a hassle free experience and ensures prolonged association on payment of a nominal amount.

Individual Membership Fee Structure

Individual Membership INR (Indian Individual) USD (Foreign Individual)
1 Year 5000 INR 500 USD
2 Year 8000 INR 800 USD
3 Year 12000 INR 1200 USD
4 Year 16000 INR 1600 USD
5 Year 22000 INR 2200 USD
10 Year 35000 INR 3500 USD