About Ombudsman Service

The Ombudsman is an intermediate person who tries to resolve the complaints raised by consumers or employees. The task is to look into complaints and provide peaceful resolution of the same. The idea is to provide quick, neutral and cost effective justice to the complainant.

How it works?

Raise a complaint with the party concerned, say insurance company or banking company or any such appropriate party. Ensure that you have a proof of the fact that you have raised the complaint with the concerned party in all details

If the party rejects your complaint or refuses to reply within the stipulated time, here is where our role comes in. Apply to us for an ombudsman and raise a complaint regarding the above.

Get an ombudsman for your case. Supply the ombudsman with all documentation and proof to assess and analyse your case.

Within a stipulated time (90 days maximum), our ombudsman tries to resolve the dispute.

If the resolution seems acceptable to you, the acceptance has to be lodged with us within 15 days.

If the resolution is not acceptable to you, you can approach the courts.

Customised Services

While drawing a contract, most parties fail to acknowledge the fact that a dispute might arise at a later stage. This results in lousy cut-copy-paste arbitration clauses. Such clauses become difficult to enforce at a later stage. We understand that most of the parties are not aware as to how the ADR clauses can be customised to meet their needs. For this, we propose a solution. You tell us your needs, goals and expectations and we draft an effective dispute resolution agreement or clause for you. We strongly believe that people differ in their choices of the type of dispute resolution they need and no size fits all. So, what we propose is that we listen to you, take into consideration your priorities and draft an agreement that can provide for arbitration, mediation or even a hybrid system so that if a dispute arises in future, you are at no loss because of an ill-framed agreement.