Panel of Mediators/Concilliators/Arbitrators

Panel Of Mediators/Concilliators/Arbitrators

Master Panel- Grade A

The master panel consists of panelists who are well experienced in respective fields. The master panel provides the highest level of expertise on the subject . Master Panel services are the most recommended ones when the quantum of claim is high and the stakes involved are too much. Experience counts and that is what this panel offers. The idea is to include highest level of experience from every sector so as to provide value with variety.

Expert Panel -Grade B

The expert panel is highly recommended for parties who need specialist knowledge to go on with the ADR proceedings or where the nature of case is such as to demand specialised ADR knowledge. The expertise of the panel caters to your specific needs and makes sure you get the best deal out of it.

Preferred Panel - Grade C

Preferred Panel consists of people trained/know ledged to be panellists. This panel is most recommended for a low profile/low key or regular consignment cases that does not need specific experience or expertise. The special training imparted to these by helps and ensures effective dispute resolution.