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Online dispute resolution

Online dispute resolution

As we are living in the era of internet or technology where we see that lots of things shifted online like e-business, e-shopping, e-education and etc. Somewhere in future access to get Justice will shift online.The progress of technology has allowed it to creep into the domain of alternative dispute resolution.                               

Online dispute resolution (ODR): means the settlement of dispute through online mode of communication/intrracinte between the disputed parties.There is now online mediation, arbitration, conciliation, negotiation.                   

*Online mediation also know as e-mediation and it is usually commenced when an e-mail is sent to the parties informing them of the basic information of the online mediation,meetings are conducted virtually in "chat rooms" where the mediator can communicate separately with each party or simultaneously with both parties as well.                                                       

*Online arbitration: It can be defined as an arbitration in which all the aspects of proceedings are conducted online, hearing can be done through the use of video conferencing and it simply require parties to upload their evidential documents and respond to the questions from the arbitration,then they will receive a decision from the arbitrator.With the efforts of technological experts internet allow for virtual communication without requiring the parties to be in a room together.

Principles of ODR:                                 

1) Accessibility; It address geographical and language barrier easily,hELP content and tutorials,user interface as simple and intuitive as possible, technology in ODR must be neutral,and it increases parties "access to justice".                               

2)AAffordability; creating cost savings by their very nature,no cost delay and burden disproportionate to economic value,it provides economical dispute resolution methods.                                               

3) Transparency; make clear the process/technology used in pursuit of dispute resolution and it is transparent in terms of the identities and affiliations of the ODR.                                                     

4) Fairness; It create a fair redress environment , neutral experience and qualifications.                               

5)Innovation; Cutting edge of service and delivery and technological innovation enchancin trust in the system to deliver Justice.  

Advantages of ODR ;.                       

A) Low cost,


C)participation and control,

D)procedural flexibility,

E)geographica flexibility.

WHY ODR required ?                             

To facilitate e - commerce (vendors and consumers),               

Digital transactions,                             

Low value transactions,.                     

Cross border transactions.

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BY : Amrisha Jain

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