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Perfect mediator for Israel Palestine Conflict

Perfect mediator for Israel Palestine Conflict

The conflict between Israel and Palestine was not only one of the land, it was about culture, religions, and ethnicity. It was a battle about different ideologies and beliefs. Wars and destructions never turned out to be a solution to the countries opted and undertook various rounds of mediation and negotiations. Even these results fruitless. The major setback in the success of the mediation process could the lack of perfect mediator and no faith whatsoever on the acting mediator. A mediator has to be the one who is unbiased towards the parties and should be able to empathize with the pains and concerns of the parties and be equally capable of conveying them to the other one. The Quartet of Nations (which comprised of the United Nations, the European Union, the United States, and Russia), were opposed by the Palestinians because they were against Palestine’s membership in the UN and thus cannot be a suitable mediator to the dispute. Help by the US was declined, as the US is a strong supporter of Israel and recently recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Though Israel has maintained diplomatic connections with the Arab Countries, they have often displayed anti-Israel sentiments. All these parties cannot be a suitable mediator to the dispute. The mediator should be one who is not only unbiased but also well aware and connected with the dispute. The nations should not be in another corner of the world and be aloof of the whole crisis. It should be able to understand the complex history and geo-dynamics of both nations. To be such, it has to be near the parties so that is can understand the plight of both. Though the options are limited the best suggestive mediators to this crisis can be nations like Turkey and Jordan. Though Jordan is an Arab nation, due to the peace treaty with Israel it shares a pleasant relation with the state. And as for Palestine, it knows the plight because of governing the region earlier. Thus, if not swayed by the by international pressure by lobbyists on either side, their help could be sought to reach an effective solution to the conflict.

  • Perfect mediator for Israel Palestine Conflict
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BY : Udisha Mishra

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