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Alternative dispute resolution methods

Alternative dispute resolution provides a confidential and alternative method of tackling legal disputes which avoids going to court. Alternative dispute resolution generally classified into at least 4 types and the following are:                   

1.Negotiation: Is a method by which people settel difference.It is a process by which compromise or agreement reached while avoiding disputes and argumentative.It is used when two people have similar objective in mind but both people have conflict that how the objective is reached.                                       

2.Mediation: It is a process of resolving conflict in which third party neutral ( mediator )assist the disputants to resolve the dispute and their own conflicts Mediator does not participate in the outcome of the mediation process.                 

3.Arbitartion: It is a process by which parties to contract submit their disputes arising between them in the contract to an independent third party for the resolution of their disputes.It is a agreement of the dispute parties to arbitrate.                                                 

4.Conciliation: It is a process in which disputes resolve Between the parties by appontinap a concilitor,who meet with the parties both separately and together to resolve the disputes between them.It is flexible and interest based process.                                     

Collaborative law: In that method parties agree at the outset and not to go court.The focus of collaborative law is on reaching a mutually acceptable resolution to the problem while minimising conflicts.It is generally for the family law in which a separated couple and theot lawyers come to in four way meeting and work cooperatively to reach a agreement about their financial and emotional needs.                                                   


Here,we cincconcl that in alternative dispute resolution methods,disp dispute resolve other than through letigation.After the trial in the court only one party is winning buy in Alternative dispute resolution methods both parties are winning because their is no conflicts after the resolution made.

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BY : Amrisha Jain

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