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Early conciliation and its effect on employment law

Early conciliation and its effect on employment law:-

Why early conciliation: If a person who is looking for an employment tribunal, have to go through the process of early conciliation first, to check where there is a possibility to reach towards a settlement between the parties.

Choosing conciliation as a method of dispute resolution is a voluntary process on the part of a potential claimant and also there is no obligation on the part of the employer to be a part of this process of conciliation if the claimant wants it, therefore the claimant or the employee, both have a choice to restrict the process of conciliation at any point of time. This process was introduced by the government to reduce the number of claims that come through the employment tribunal.

"According to the regulations set in place in 2014 the employees are now requested to contact ACAS first, to try to resolve disputes before issuing a claim at an employment tribunal." Benefits of early conciliation: Early conciliation gives the benefit of saving time as well as money which a claimant has to invest in an employment tribunal for the parties who are involved. a claim through an employment tribunal can be an expensive, hectic, and time-consuming process but early conciliation through ACAS provides a solution to this problem by saving time and money.

Limitations of early conciliation: A limitation for the organization is that a claimant may utilize this procedure to falsely expand the council's time (a quarter of a year's generally) giving them time and chance to look for lawful counsel and further plan for the case.

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BY : Tanya Vashistha

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