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Challenges and Issues in ODR


The primary confront is the convention of language in the ODR curriculum. At present the majority accessible ODR services draw on only the English language, which can be a further difficulty in expressing precise information and avoiding miscommunications. This can be a hurdle not just for those parties who do not verbalize the language but also for those parties who make use of it as a second or third language. But English language has extended to almost the entire globe. Removing this language as a blockade for effective communication is a bona fide challenge. For instance, a nation like India where there are more than 2000 languages spoken, it will be approximately unfeasible to discover an ordinary ground language. The cultural differences diverge amid society to society and individual to individual. Establishing a language as an intermediate of communication is a charge for creator of ODR curriculum.

The succeeding blockade is the communication barriers which exist linking the neutral third party and the parties to the dispute. ODR can offer convinced compensation compared with offline ADR. Let’s take online mediation for example. Online mediation is by and large measured as a liberal idea, which incorporates all from mechanized visually impaired submission systems and e-mediators to online mediation stages with an individual facilitator and case supervision programs. In online mediation the part of the middle person continues as prior to yet the fortitude of systems contrasts. ODR stages are anticipated to give confidence transaction among their clients by empowering the revelation of optimistic ordinary focuses that may bring about understandings. In this way, online mediation is any divergence resolution arranges that is synchronized by a nonpartisan outsider, who does not strength the variety of willpower but quite helps the parties in influential their question by conveying normally through the web.

Another challenge is the make use of of language for communication with the parties by the neutral third party. ODR with content based mediation, conciliation and arbitration makes it effortless for the mediator to exchange a few words with the parties as the parties can take instance and assess what the mediator/arbitrator/conciliator is striving to suggest which the offline mode frequently lacks. The conference with experts is also facilitated by ODR for valuable communication.

Various practical ODR issues:


Set of Rules vis-à-vis privacy in Mediation or other ODR processes ought to be agreed prior to the course has started. This should cover both the contractual agreement to secrecy by the parties as well as technological assurances about confidentiality in ICT system.


The enforceability of the online arbitration awards and ADR outcomes has been discussed seeing as the premature days of ODR. Much rely upon the procedure itself as wheal as the nature of the conclusion, whether arbitrated or settled, and how recorded. Under the New York Convention 1958 arbitration awards can be liberally imposed in any other contracting state, subject affair to certain defenses, with the only enforcement challenge if there is any oddity in the transmission of the ODR.

Law and Jurisdiction

In anticipation of the ODR establishes its own set of laws and jurisdictions, the parties contracting online should concur on legal system which is appropriate to their operation Nevertheless, it has been originate that the parties to the dispute previously come to a decision and agree on these matters in their contract which acts as a subject matter of the dispute.


Communication is the most important factor contributing towards the harmonious settlement between the parties. It is the most requisite proficiency by the conciliator, mediator and arbitrator. The foremost challenge for constructing an ODR curriculum is to meet the necessities of valuable communication. Valuable communication leads to harmonious settlement which in turn leads to refurbishment of associations.


  • Challenges in Implementation of ODR
  • Various practical ODR issues
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BY : Umang Yadav

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