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A prearranged approach towards negotiation is very vital for getting the beloved conclusion. The procedure of victorious negotiation includes subsequent stages:

  1. Preparation: The appropriate preparation prevents pitiable performance is as crucial in negotiating as it is in further areas like presentations, businesses etc. Parties must be obvious with their objectives and must plan their approach towards its accomplishment. Additional, it is also vital to predict the other party’s come close to so that a structure can be organized for negotiation. Preparation also involves making decisions connected to the most vital issues and development one’s strategy.
  2. Conversation: Subsequent to preparation, the moment comes when parties assemble each other. For the duration of this stage, members from both side put forward their sympathetic of the situation. Key essentials of this phase are questioning, listening and illuminating. Parties concerned should try to appreciate each other’s point of view and should take remarks during the conversation to trace all points put forward linked to the case. Discussing each other’s hopes and prospect sets the eminence for the negotiation. Dialogue also involves asking questions and sympathetic the key points significant for attainment an agreement.
  3. Reconsideration of strategy: After preliminary conversation is over next significant thing is reconsideration of strategy by the parties. Here parties regard as viewpoints of each other, set their priorities and abridge earlier than starting to make proposals and good deal.
  4. Make Proposals: The very next step is that the parties formulate the proposals in front of each other. A proposal is suggestion with some condition or conditions. The parties have to show elasticity in their offers and have to know when to postpone in a negotiation.
  5. Bargaining: At this point parties must link the gaps between their proposals. This stage focuses on what is termed a win-win conclusion where both sides believe that their point of view have been taken into deliberation and both sides feel they have gained impressive optimistic during the process of negotiation.
  6. Concurrence: Subsequent to viewpoints and wellbeing of that each of the sides are measured, agreement is achieved. Agreement must be obvious so that each of parties be acquainted with what has been determined.
  7. Executing a Course of Action: From the agreement, a course of action is developed which is to be followed by the parties. Course of action is the approach in which parties execute their duties.


Negotiation involves deliberations intended at accomplishment an agreement. Purpose of any negotiation is to attain perceptive, determine points of differences and turn out with an agreement, which satisfies the wellbeing of the parties concerned in the negotiation process. In the course of proper negotiation, any type of disputes can be solved whether it’s an individual or specialized.


  • Introduction
  • Stages
  • Conclusion

BY : Umang Yadav

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