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Mediation in Divorce

                                                             Mediation in Divorce 


Divorce is a tragic incident in a life of a couple, but in some cases, it becomes necessary to take divorce and get separated to restrain the fights and misery of wedlock, but the role of the court in divorce cases is time-consuming. expensive and at times unsatisfactory, so why not the couple decides what works best for them and their children, and to do this the process of Mediation is the best suitable option because a mediator is a neutral person who helps the couple to resolve the issues and amicably end the marriage and also this process saves them time and money of the couple.

The issues which can be covered under divorce mediation are more or less:-

  1.  Child custody and parenting time
  2.  Distribution of assets and liabilities
  3.  Maintenance
  4.  Child support
  5.  Retirement
  6.  Taxes 

The process of Mediation helps the couple to reach towards an agreement and if they find it difficult to do so, it becomes the duty of the mediator to help them reach a consensus. Also, the mediator should try that the couple does not go off track and engage in an argument, which can lead to a fight. The couple should be provided with a conducive atmosphere. The communication gap can form one of the reasons for divorce. Therefore the mediator should try to fill this gap and build a communication bridge between the couple because if the couple bears a child. It becomes important for them to communicate post-divorce at least for their children so that it does not affect the child's mind negatively. The mediator should help the couple in the formulation of ideas and should not give his opinions because he does not work for either of the party


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BY : Tanya Vashistha

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