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Role of Technology in Arbitration

Role of Technology in Arbitration

Technological changes has always played a vital role in every aspect of life and so is true in relation to legal Development which has took place over the time.  From writing cases in the file to saving the data on the computer, from announcement of cause list to online availability of date of next hearing, interference and impact of technology can be seen everywhere in the legal field also. Same is the case with arbitration technology is used in various spheres of arbitration where it offers advantages like efficiency in work, effectiveness of the work and convenience it provides while completion of the work. It increases the efficiency by decreasing the cost of the work, one party do not have to travel all the way to meet the other party they can do the same through video call. Similarly in the case of documents, data can be stored online instead of handling huge piles of papers in the form case files. This not only makes arbitration effective and efficient but convenient also by facilitating easy accessibility to the documents by storing them in a digital form.

 There are many benefits of linking technology with arbitration but this can also lead to adverse effect on the legal system.  The first and foremost risk involved in use of technology is threat it posses to security system. Many a times it happens that the fake identity is used by hackers to manipulate the evidential documents. Another example is the person hacking computer and manipulating the information which can be essential for the particular case or leaking the sensitive information related to the case which is not ought to be leaked. Another concern which dissuades to link technology with legal system is internet breakdown or system failure which can result in failure of internet to work at the when it is most required, this can aggravate the problem instead of solving it. The internet speed in India is not so fast as compared to other countries so it can possess a serious difficulty when cross border negotiations are taking place over a video conferencing which can lead to mis-communictaion between the parties which can and thus affecting the decision of the case. Also the problem of virus in computer programmes is not an alien concept. It can corrupt the files stored in the computer and delete the important files related to the case.

Although there are various issue which arises due to IT but it is almost impossible to neglect the advantages it has to offer which helps in development of legal field or in arbitration sphere.  Every problem has a solution attached to it and this apply here also. For the problem of viruses there are anti viruses which can be installed to detect those viruses and remove it from the device. Copy of every document shall be created so that it can be used if the original work get deleted due to some programme failure in the computer. On top of all this solution there is Information Technology Act, 2000 under which issues related to fraud, internet theft, or impersonation can be addressed.

Technology is the beautiful gift in the field of law and arbitration the only thing we need to learn is to put this into use in a justifiable manner so that we can get the maximum benefit out of it.

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BY : Abhilasha

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