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Pending cases resolved during Lok Adalat

A total of 1,636 cases were disposed of out of the total of 3,007 court-pending cases during the National Lok Adalat that held on 12th July 2019 (Saturday).
The Lok Adalat at the Thoothukudi court complex was inaugurated by the Principal District Judge M. Suresh Viswanath.

Cases including familial disputes, civil cases, non-performing assets-related cases, motor vehicle offenses were heard during the Lok Adalat.
Settlements that were of worth Rs. 4.32 crore were made and settlements worth Rs. 5.92 were made out of the pre-litigation cases where 183 were disposed out of the 2,110 cases that were taken up. The cases were heard by a total of 12 benches across the district.


A total number of 1,636 cases, including criminal compoundable cases and pre-litigation bank cases, were settled by the district and the subordinate judicial courts in the district for a total amount of Rs. 3.12 crore to litigants in the National Lok Adalat that held there at Ramanathapuram on 12th July 2019 (Saturday).
2,895 cases including compoundable cases, bank recovery, cheque bounces, motor accident claim original petitions and matrimonial cases were taken up for settlement, out of which 1,634 cases were disposed of in the Lok Adalat, organized by the District Legal Services Authority (DLSA). The cases were all taken up by thirteen judges out of which, six benches were in the District Court at the district headquarters and seven benches were in the Taluk headquarters.


Tirunelveli district resolved a total of 3,023 cases on the very day of 12th July 2019 (Saturday) under eighteen benches across the district.

The Lok Adalat was inaugurated by Principal District Judge A. Nazir. A total of 5,380 court-pending cases were heard and 2,700 cases out of them were resolved. In pre-litigation cases, 323 cases out of 10,983 cases were resolved and settlements worth Rs. 14.15 crore was made.


Principal District and Sessions Judge, A. Muthusaratha mentioned that the advocates who were dealing with the motor accident cases would have to be trained to handle cases that seek compensation through mediation.

The principal district sessions judge (PDJ) who is also the chairperson of the Legal Services Authority, said that even though the insurance companies were ready to resolve the cases pertaining to motor accidents through mediations, the petitioners are often not ready to settle their cases through any alternative disputes redressal mechanism. She then said, while addressing after inaugurating the National Lok Adalat held across the district at the Combined District Court Complex, that the advocates who represent petitioners with cases that are supposed to be resolved through mediation should come forward as they require the proper training for the same on 12th July 2019 (Saturday).

The PDJ sought cooperation from the advocates and from the parties they were representing to bring down the number of cases pending by resolving the cases before the courts.
Ms. Muthusaratha compared life with that of a journey and said that no one would take anything from this earthly world at the end of the journey. She noted that numerous disputes arise during this journey of life only because of ego. She then added that people should come forward and shed their egos and they would find their life peaceful.

Ms. Muthusaratha even expressed her concern over the couples who are bent upon getting a divorce without bothering about the welfare of the children. A total of 4,861 such cases were resolved during the Saturday’s Lok Adalat in the district settlement and a tune of Rs. 6.61 crore was made.

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BY : Prina Sharma

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