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Mediation is the ‘all-time taken’ road to dispute resolution in the near future. These days, this method of resolution is opted by the majority of the distressed parties owing to its various benefits. The parties in dispute don’t have to wait ‘n’ years to get their case to he heard in a court of law, and not wait for another ‘n’ years to get the final judgment if they use mediation as a medium for a solution. They don’t have to spend endlessly like they do in litigation processes. Unlike litigation process where the parties have to take an enormous amount of time out of their schedule to continue with the process, mediation can be customized as per the needs of the parties, making it an easier process to follow. Thus, mediation is the solution to the near era. For this whole to be a successful movement it is needed for the present growing minds who would become the governing future, to be introduced with this concept. And this task is efficiently undertaken by a pan India movement, The Indian Mediation Week. A movement started by a duo of college students helps in spreading the concept of mediation among students and further motivates them to sensitize the general population around regarding the same. They urge students to conduct drives and each drive should have at least 30 members, where they explain the concept and process of mediation. After this, they ask them if they have any pending cases of their own or are aware of someone having the same and if the answer is affirmative, they contact the core team which connects the grieving party to a suitable mediator for further process. These mediators are the ones, who have offered pro bono help or help at a quite low price helping the people in a more efficient way. As for the students, the one with maximum drives, reaching maximum people get the yearly prize which is in the form of internship under first-tier firms, who are ardent supporters of the movement. This initiative depicts how students of this country have resolved for gifting India a better future, where the aggrieved would not be grieving for long and the solution of his problem won’t be time and money-draining, instead, it would be amicable and time and money efficient and as the motto of the movement stands, “suljhao, magar pyaar se.” that is " solve, but with love".

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  • mediation is the solution for the near era

BY : Udisha Mishra

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