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In most of the cases, the use of legal services does not result in a lucrative return. Legal services are basically the necessary evil of life or the cost of doing business. Some people have even become attorneys so that they could avoid the use of lawyers by almost all means, except when it is required by the law or there arises a very serious situation and it cannot be avoided. In American society, this attitude is very persuasive and it hence, it behooves the attorneys to attempt to do whatever that is required to make the client experience the best legal journey possible. There is this one legal process that has been seemed to be perceived by clients for a while now, as positive is Mediation.
Mediation allows the client a number of positive experiences and exposures that accrue mostly to the benefit of the attorney. Mediation results in lower legal fee generation for the attorney because the case settles sooner and with much less acrimony.

The mediation process in the dispute brings to the client/party a mutually acceptable solution to the problem most of its time. This is a very important and satisfying result on the part of the parties and more the parties have experience in legal matters the more the result becomes satisfying to them. Parties find going to the court to resolve matters of a dispute as a risk since the Judges and the Juries are very unpredictable and it can result in dissatisfaction. There is also this saying that “when you go to the court, both parties lose”. The issues that are taken into consideration in the court on any particular case, no one could say with absolute accuracy as to what decision would come out from the court. Much of the dissatisfaction would also come to the attorney of the party on receiving the bill since that might not be the expected conclusion or sometimes just the opposite of it.
Mediation avoids such dissatisfaction with high potential. The party is made responsible for the decision making and as a result, he would be accountable for his own decisions. The party would not have any Judge, Jury, attorney, or even any arbitrator to blame for the outcome. If the solution proposed by mediation isn’t satisfying then the parties have the option to reject it.

The party in Mediation can look up to the personal view of his attorney in action closely. This process is typical to show the client just how good they are and how hard they can work to keep the best interests of parties at hand. Mediation allows the client to evaluate the work of their attorney through the entire process including the input of their own. This typically gives the chance of the clients to participate, state their interests and needs and then see how the whole thing is incorporated in the final resolution by their mediator during the whole process of mediation. Any experienced legal client would understand that it is an opportunity of a lifetime in terms of a court case. A party hardly gets to say much in the court. This banishment of silent suffering plays no role in the mediation forum. If the attorney seizes the opportunity to shine and takes the proper advantages to provide the best service to the client then the attorney would surely secure the best source to have resolved the dispute and therefore would naturally be so for the disputes in the future matters. Nothing can be more convincing to a client than to walk into Mediation with very little experience and knowledge in legal matters and have the attorney provide them with the best acceptable solution to resolve conflicts.

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BY : Prina Sharma

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