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The Reimbursement of Arbitration as a Method of Dispute Resolution

The Reimbursement of Arbitration as a Method of Dispute Resolution

Arbitration is a method whereby parties to a contract present the disputes that occurred between them to an independent third party for resolution. The origin of all arbitration is the agreement of the disputing parties to arbitrate. The contract emerging based on the dispute may consist of an obligatory arbitration clause thoughtful the parties to recommend to arbitration or otherwise, disputing parties may go for by way of Submission Agreement to arbitrate their disputes as they arise.

In the nonexistence of an agreement to adjudicate the evasion method of dispute resolution is litigation. Litigation is often alleged to be a cumbersome, inept, and costly procedure and in sort to evade the same, disputing parties will often go for arbitrating. Additional reimbursement of arbitration is as follows:

  • Privacy

As compare with judicial proceedings, arbitration proceedings confidential. This is of fastidious relevance in disputes connecting commercially sensitive matters which the parties would have a preference to bar from the public sphere of influence.

  • Professional Arbitrator

The Arbitrator may be preferred on the basis that he or she has particular credentials, technical proficiency, or specialist knowledge pertinent to the subject matter of the dispute. As the Arbitrator is already well versed in the area of arbitration, there is no requisite to expend time and money on notifying him or her. The Arbitrator may be designated by the parties to the dispute themselves. On the other hand, the parties may settle on that a particular organization is charged with appointing an appropriate Arbitrator.

  • Party Self-Sufficiency

The parties may maintain a degree of control in excess of the resolution of the dispute. As there is no compulsion to accomplish Arbitration dealings in any exact approach, the parties are enlightened to see eye to eye all procedural and evidential affairs. Arbitration is usually supposed as extra time and cost proficient process of disposing of disputes than litigation and where parties prefer to keenly contribute in the administration of the proceedings. 

  • Conclusiveness of the Award

Awards made by the Arbitrator are usually unstated to be concluding and obligatory and may only be set aside in a firm inadequate state of affairs. Yet, the need for a genuine right of appeal might be detested with an annoyed party who considers a flawed award has been made.

  • Enforceability of Awards

The arbitration may be predominantly interesting in the milieu of international commercial disputes as it is often appreciably easier to implement an Arbitration Award in other jurisdictions than a Court Order.


Arbitration as an alternative method of dispute resolution continues to amplify in predominance and recognition, predominantly in the milieu of international commercial disputes. Still, when pondering the enclosure of an obligatory Arbitration Clause in an Agreement, the parties thereto ought to constantly ask for the opinion of a lawyer as to the form of dispute resolution most suitable to the particular state of affairs.



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BY : Umang Yadav

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