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Alternative Dispute Resolution in Consumer Disputes


ADR in Consumer Disputes

Alternative dispute resolution  (ADR) implies privately addressing any  issues out of the court with the help of an unprejudiced dispute resolution body. Settling consumer disputes this is simpler, quicker and more affordable than going to court.

The consumer protection Act, 1986 was sanctioned with a goal of giving better affirmation of the interests of buyers and for the smart and straightforward settlement of clients' inquiry. The Act gives convincing, prudent, direct and fast redressal of customers grievances. The Act gives convincing, prudent, direct and fast redressal of clients' complaints, which the basic courts are not prepared to give. This Act is another instance of ADR for the convincing contemplation of consumers' debate.

Several reports suggest that consumer Forum have become like civil courts which is as opposed to their point. The ADR have contributed to explain this crisis. But , the Consumer Fora were made for ensuring justice to customers which ADR modes can't be completely trusted with.

ADR can help enterprise to maintain good relationships with consumers and gain a positive reputation in the market. It also promotes competition. But the main advantage of the efficient use of ADR in consumer matters is increased satisfaction of the users that get another option to protect their rights- a process that is fair and appropriate and uses of simpler, cheaper and faster dispute resolution methods.


The chief steps towards taking resort to alternative dispute resolution mechanism  in India can be followed back as right on time with respect to the Bengal Regulation Act, 1772 which gave that  in all instances of addressed records, parties are to are to present the same to mediators whose choices are respected as ultimate decision and ought to be last and left unchallenged. The Regulation Act, 1781 further conceived that judges should recommend the parties to present an inquiry to generally agreed individual and no reward of a go between could be set aside except if there were two witnesses that authority had submitted gross blunder or was inclined towards a party. A recommendation shockingly was made to the Second Law Commission by Sir Charleswood to suit a uniform law as for discretion. The Code of Civil Procedure was then settled as requirements be in 1859. Indian Contract Act, 1872 also sees attentiveness understanding as an exceptional case to Section 28, which envisions that any understanding in limitation of cure through legitimate techniques is void. Afterward, the Arbitration Act, 1899 was in likewise  sanctioned to apply to the Presidency towns to encourage settlement of inquiries out of court. The Arbitration Act, 1940 repealed and supplanted the past Act of 1899. Exactly when India transformed into a state signatory to the convention on assertion under the Geneva Convention and remembering the ultimate objective to offer effect on the equivalent, the Arbitration (Protocol and Convention) Act was passed. Later, India likewise turned into a signatory to the New York Convention and to give impact Foreign Awards (Recognition and Enforcement) Act, 1961 was passed. After liberalization of Indian economy in the 1990's Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 was requested which supplanted the past Act of 1940 and accomplished radical changes in the law of assertion and familiar thoughts like Conciliation with an assurance of the convenient settlement of issues/problems/debates of primarily business.

ADR is better option for traders too:

  • ADR proceedings are often completed more rapidly than court proceedings and can be finished rapidly without a doubt, permitting you to continue ahead with maintaining your business.
  • ADR procedures are often completed in private and conducted confidentiality evading the danger of antagonistic exposure and reputational harm that could emerge from a legal dispute.
  • ADR procedures are can be less confrontational or ill-disposed than court procedures. Not exclusively would this be able to decrease pressure, it can likewise be a significant thought when the gatherings realize that they need to have, or should have, a continuous relationship.


  • Better for consumers
  • better for traders
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BY : Vani Shrivastava

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